The Sun is Shining on Women in Solar


The Sun in Shining on Women in Solar

Check out the Clean Energy Collective’s post on women in the solar industry:  Clean Energy Collective article

As noted in the article, “Even women without any solar experience have plenty of opportunity.  Page Crahan, Co-founder of Clarus Power, believes women will play an instrumental role in the “paradigm shift” to adopting more affordable clean energy. “I think about the way that we’re all going to be hiring and looking for talent; it certainly extends beyond solar experts,” Crahan said. “The doors are wide open for people who are new to the industry; who are interested in the industry and who want to do something different.”

Clarus Power knows that women are key decision makers at home, and that women work hard to make smart and healthy decisions for their families.  We believe in the importance of clean air for future generations, and choosing affordable, safe products for our households.  Energy is no different.

Join us in a movement that educates families on how solar power works in a social, fun setting.  Women are key to the success of the clean energy movement and we’re here to help you make smart decisions for your home, and be part of the exciting solar industry!