Solar Power is contagious – see for yourself.


Solar Power spreads through our neighborhoods

Once again, thanks to our friends at Vox for great information.  Check out this article and the animated maps that show how quickly solar takes off in our communities.  We know that happy solar customers make great referrers, and we love the maps that demonstrate this!  If solar homeowners weren’t happy with their new energy source, we wouldn’t see this fantastic growth. So let’s keep growing beyond the one million U.S. solar installations we’ve got today!

At Clarus Power, we know the most powerful way to connect with homeowners about going solar is within our neighborhoods and communities.  It feels comfortable to ask our friends and family why they chose to switch to solar, how they decided on their provider, and what we can expect if we’re interested in learning more.  You don’t need to succumb to the phone outreach campaigns and door-knocking teams to gather information on switching to solar – learn about it from a friend!

If you’re interested in being part of the clean energy movement, and being an Ambassador in your community, please join us!  We’ll take great care of your referrals, connecting with them on an education-first, solution-second friendly dialogue.  And, if we can help someone go solar, we’ll make sure they get exactly what they want because we’re able to offer solar solutions for many top national solar providers.  Together we can rally our communities to take action and exercise their energy choice.

Help your  neighborhood catch on to the clean energy ‘contagion!’  Visit or send questions to to learn more.