Company Spotlight: Page Crahan

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be highlighting what makes Clarus Power so unique: its people. The array of dedicated and passionate individuals at our corporate headquarters and in the Ambassador Program combine to form a diverse, hard-working and fun team.

First up is Page Crahan, co-founder of Clarus Power and a veteran of the solar industry.


Where are you from? I grew up in Dubuque, Iowa. I moved out to California for college and immediately fell in love with the Bay Area. Two years after I graduated from college, I moved back to the Bay Area and have lived here ever since.


Why did you get into solar? There were two reasons why I was really excited about solar. First, the concept of renewable energy and its impact was attractive and inspiring. Second, as a young person starting my career, the growth of the industry meant that I had the potential to be part of something huge and transformative. It gave me the opportunity to be at the front of a really important transition in the way that we power our homes in America. I specifically started my career in solar at Sunrun because I knew one of the founders and really liked her; She believed so deeply in her mission that I knew that whatever she was working on would be great.


Why did you start Clarus Power? I truly believe that most homeowners will get all of their power from renewable energy someday soon, and solar will be a huge part of that. However, we’re still relatively early on in its adoption. It’s therefore very important to get the message about the product right for homeowners. I’ve seen so many misunderstandings and misnomers in the solar industry, so I wanted to address these problems. On a personal note, I love to build companies and find it really fun. Clarus Power was a great opportunity to combine these two passions.


What do you do in your current role? The notion that someone wears many different hats at a startup is the understatement of the century! My biggest focus right now is building a fantastic program for our ambassadors here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and then doing that all over the country. We want to make it as easy as possible to learn about solar and switch to clean energy.  I also do many little jobs that are required to make a business run well, like making sure that the payroll is in requested on time, that we’re responding to all of our customers, and, of course, making sure there is paper in the printer.


What do you like most about what you do at Clarus Power? My favorite part is that every day is totally different, and I get to work with amazing people who care about making an impact.  I wake up early, and stay up late, because I don’t want to disappointment them!


Fun fact? At the same time that I started building a business with Ori, I was also building a family; My son was born just after we closed our first round of funding, so it’s really like I have two infants. When I’m not working, I’m either chasing after my son or enjoying the outdoors.