Behind the Name

 Have you been wondering what the name Clarus Power actually means?

leaves sun

Clarus is a Latin adjective that translates to “bright”. We chose to name our company Clarus Power because it clearly expresses our mission: to bring bright energy and light to homeowners all over America. The brightness also refers to our forward-thinking mindset; we believe deeply that solar will be a huge part of America’s enlightened future. Clarus Power is dedicated to helping homeowners discover how they can save money by going solar and how their choice in clean energy will positively impact the earth. As we work to spread knowledge of solar across the country, we know that we are playing a part in creating a bright future, with cleaner air, cheaper utility bills and a healthier environment.


Clarus also has a second translation: famous, upstanding, respected. This refers to the role that our ambassadors have in their communities. Our ambassadors are leaders who operate on a basis of trust and respect. They work hard to help thousands of homeowners save money and save the earth by switching to clean energy. The ambassadors are integral to the positive changes that we want to create in people’s experiences with going solar.


The translation of the word “clarus” is both multi-faceted and simple, just like the company. While there are nuances to the word that refer to different aspects of the company such, as our clean energy, our envisioned future and our ambassadors, both the company and its name reflect a singular mission: to bring clean and affordable energy to American homeowners.