Why Is Everyone Going Solar?

With more than 1 million Americans going solar, it’s clear that there are good reasons to jump on the solar-powered train.

Maybe you already know the importance of clean energy and investing in a greener future; Installing solar panels produces massive positive effects on the environment. Over 30 years, a system could offset 178 tons of carbon dioxide. This produces the same effects as planting enough trees to cover 10 football fields or conserving enough fuel to drive around the world 15.7 times. These are incredible environmental effects, but did you know that these are not the only compelling reasons to go solar?





As you can see from the graph above, switching to solar can save you $20,000 in 20 years. In some states, you can save as much as $30,000! For a California resident, that could pay for 2.5 years of University of California tuition.

At Clarus Power, we want our customers to enjoy those savings and to produce clean energy independently, all in the simplest way possible. Call us to speak with someone who can answer your questions, provide honest feedback, and give you an estimate of how much money you could save.