It’s not Earth, it’s us.

Climate Change: It’s not just Earth, it’s us.

The internet is chock full of information, and every so often we find a little nugget that’s so good we have to share.  This Vox video falls into that category.  Watch the short video and learn the truth about why climate change is so important – and here is a hint:  it’s not just about the Earth, it’s about us.

It can feel overwhelming when we think about the work that needs to be done to make a positive climate impact.  At Clarus Power we want to simplify.  Air pollution from polluting fossil fuels is one of the most significant contributors to Climate Change – and most of us actually have an affordable, clean, alternative to our utility company.  Let Clarus Power demystify solar energy for you.  We’ll do your research on making the switch to clean, renewable solar energy at your home.

Learn more about clean, renewable solar energy with our friendly team of experts and local ambassadors.  We’re here because we believe there’s a great energy choice, and with your help we’ll spark the conversation around the country.

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