Company Spotlight: Ori Franco

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be highlighting what makes Clarus Power so unique: its people. The array of dedicated and passionate individuals at our corporate headquarters and in the Ambassador Program combine to form a diverse, hard-working and fun team.

Next up in our company spotlights is Ori Franco, co-founder of Clarus Power.



Where are you from? I grew up in White Plains, New York.


Why did you get into solar? I got into solar because it’s a win-win product for the environment and customers. There are not many things that you could sell that save the environment as well as save our customers money on their utility bills. Also, it creates so many local jobs so it supports the local economy.


Why did you start Clarus Power? I spent six years at Sunrun where we saw the residential solar market grow from 50,000 homes nationwide to more than 800,000. It was a tremendous learning experience about how to make solar accessible for people. Page and I started Clarus Power because we saw a problem: buying and installing solar power needs to be easier for customers. We knew there had to be a better way to do it, so we dove in headfirst and started Clarus Power, where we are focused on learning the best way to find those customers.


What do you do in your current role? I focus on technology and the various elements of getting ambassadors paid, ambassador recruiting and corporate work.


What do you like most about what you do at Clarus Power? I love that it’s completely new and that there is something to learn every day. While Page and I know a lot about solar and have seen it grow from its infancy, building a social sales company is a completely unique idea in the solar industry. I’m constantly learning and improving on what I know.


Fun fact? I love to travel. I work so that I can spend time abroad and see the world. My favorite place on earth is Nepal.