Clarus Power in Washington, DC at Play-In for Climate Action

Clarus Power joined Mom’s Clean Air Force for their third annual Play-In for Climate Action in Washington, DC last week. It was an incredible event, with attendance from over 700 children and parents from all 50 states.

We began the day at Upper Senate Park, right in front of the United States Capitol. While children played on the lawn, hula hooped and sang along to a performance about clean air, we manned a table and talked to people about solar power. As there was representation from all 50 states, it was interesting to see direct proof of how solar power has reached all corners of America.

play in-min

The afternoon brought us to the offices of four senators: Dianne Feinstein (California), Al Franken (Minnesota), Dan Sullivan (Alaska) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska). In each meeting, we had the chance to articulate why clean air is important to us. Some talked about protecting our natural resources, some talked about being personally affected by the dangerous methane leaks in Southern California, and others talked about making sustainable decisions to benefit our children and grandchildren. While we all had different reasons for wanting clean air, we were all united in our support for a healthier planet. We were met with enthusiasm for our cause, and an agreement that clean air legislation must continue to be passed.



The Mom’s Clean Air Force Play-In for Climate Action left us feeling energized and inspired as we boarded the plane back to San Francisco. The Play-In brought together a large group of individuals with similar values about clean air and a healthier future. The Senators encouraged us to continue to spread the word about clean, renewable energy in our communities. We’re incredibly excited about building our team of Clarus Power Ambassadors in the San Francisco Bay Area to help bring solar to homeowners across America. If you’re interested in providing a cleaner, healthier future for your kids, please connect with us at!