We’re committed to changing the world with clean energy
by empowering individuals to activate their communities.

Air pollution from burning dirty fossil fuels is one of the top three risk factors for premature disease in the United States. Are you paying attention? Are you doing something about it? We are part of the first generation that will be less healthy than our parents. Clarus Power is tackling air pollution by making it easy to go solar. We’ve built something social and simple that you could do to earn money and truly pay it forward.

The heart of Clarus Power is about making business owners successful by doing what’s right for their community and our planet. We built this company because this movement will be successful only when you are successful. You won’t find another company this passionate about creating local community members as a catalyst for global good. Only an activated community can ignite lasting change.

People don’t change because of billboards and radio ads. We make choices because of other people, a connection, trust. The Clarus mission is so important that it must be shared through neighbors, coaches, teachers, churches, and communities. That’s where change begins, where we start building a brighter future together.

Hello and Welcome!

Like many of you, we want to make a positive impact. We created Clarus Power because we believe that a cleaner energy source is critical to our future, and we know that we can spread the word by engaging communities around our mission. As start-up veterans, we are familiar with the effort and conviction required to build a great company and we wake up every morning driven to make it happen. There’s so much to look forward to.

You are joining a movement with a dedicated and passionate team. We are professionals who are energized by the thought of controlling our own destiny. In a time where innovation abounds, we’ve been buying our energy the same way for hundreds of years. There’s a better way!

Rooftop solar is unique in that it creates local jobs that cannot be outsourced, empowers our customers to independently produce clean energy while saving money, and provides our ambassadors with a meaningful earning opportunity, all at the same time- it’s a win-win.

Key to sparking this transformational renewable energy movement is getting the word out. You will build an active energized network through relationships with your family, friends and those in your community. We will teach you to introduce solar to qualified homeowners in a fun and social way, along with how to activate and build a referral network. And, we will provide you with the tools to build the business of your dreams. Success is in your hands.

We believe in you, and together, we are building a brighter future!

Ori & Page



using a fun, social, word-of- mouth approach to help thousands of homeowners affordably switch to clean energy to save money on their electric bills and contribute to a healthier planet.



From the first inkling of Clarus Power's creation, we knew that this movement & business would be build by the genuine connection that people make with those they care for.


We take honesty seriously & will never take shortcuts that put business or personal agendas before the truth. Our employees, Ambassadors, & customers act and speak with honesty and intention.


This is where our team turns into an amazing force -- we are accountable for our actions & what we say we're going to do, we do. This is how we get through our "to do" lists; this is why our group is unstoppable.